New Moons is a three-piece rock band from Cincinnati that play psych rock and experimental pop. The band released their debut album Glass Planet and are touring the Midwest. The band has built a significant following in the region, and can't wait for the new release of their EP Blood in the Waves coming soon!

New Moons represents a new sound distinct unto themselves while bridging blues, rock, and psychedelic. The band based in Cincinnati are led by guitarist, vocalist and composer Curtis Dressman.  With a mix of Modern Alt Rock and some vintage Rock and Roll undertones, the band has been compare to the Afhgan Whigs, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Soundgarden, as well as "early" Flaming Lips.  Formed in 2015, top regional venues have immediately recognized the band's great live show promoting their debut album Glass Planet. The record has received significant air play on WNKU, and radio stations worldwide including Radio Crystal Blue and the select Reverbnation Discovery. 

"New Moons concoct a sound that is reminiscent of ’90s AltRock’s heyday but doesn’t put off too much of a retro vibe. It’s simply a strong Rock & Roll record, highlighted by cuts like “Dream Street,” with its gliding guitar riffs (if you remember and loved the band Lotion, you’d love this track), the memorable “You Don’t Need to Know Me” and closer “Morning Light,” a woozy, swaying track with some stinging guitar leads piercing the haze. With good chops and promising songwriting, Glass Planet shows New Moons is a band to keep an eye on. (" Mike Breen - CityBeat.

""This sounds like the Velvet Underground and Soundgarden all in one!"