New Moons is an indie pop rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) that has been touring the Midwest since 2015.   The band is on the verge on releasing their third album, a fanastic collection of 8 songs .   The group released an EP, Blood in the Waves in 2018, along with two live performance videos. Their debut album Glass Planet was released in 2015, and also included an awesome video of the catchy song "You Don't Need to Know Me".   Tours have included top venues and music festivals in Pittsburgh, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Indianapolis, & more.

New Moons represents a new sound distinct unto themselves while bridging blues, rock, and psychedelic.  The band is led by guitarist, vocalist and composer Curtis Dressman. With a mix of Modern Alt Rock and some vintage Rock and Roll undertones, the band has been compare to the Afhgan Whigs, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Ty Segall as well as "early" Flaming Lips.   

"A well sculpted, emotive creation of substantial pop rock. The music could easily fit in the post-punk American indie scene of the 1980's and 90's. I hear reflections of Pixies, Husker Du, Weezer, Foo Fighters, even a little bit of Fugazi. These disparate influences come together in a new way, built up on a foundation of shimmering pop distortion and maintained by solid vocal performance. The instruments all do their parts well, the subtlety is present and no one is stepping on one another's toes. I think that this is an excellent album and if you like college or pop rock check it out."   - Issues Magazine

"Ohio band, New Moons play rock of the straight-ahead kind. Perhaps with a smidgen of hard psych. While many might turn away from that description, lest it indicates something unoriginal, any rock music delivered with the right combination of bombast, panache and songwriting clout can make you see outside your musical prism. This is trucked out exactly that way, as if what used to be coyly described as ‘alternative rock’ in the 90's was bred meticulously into these guys, one DNA strand at a time. Think Pearl Jam, Bob Mould, Soundgarden or Screaming Trees with a bit of Ian Astbury thrown in for good measure. The intrinsic promise of ‘You Want It, You Got It’ is one few bands can deliver on, but here New Moons get the formula just right, with top drawer hooks, guitars that chime and crunch in equal measure, and vocal delivery which shows a serious commitment to the notion of front-man charisma. There’s no way those vocals are getting buried in the mix." - Soundblab

"New Moons concoct a sound that is reminiscent of ’90s AltRock’s heyday but doesn’t put off too much of a retro vibe. It’s simply a strong Rock & Roll record, highlighted by cuts like “Dream Street,” with its gliding guitar riffs (if you remember and loved the band Lotion, you’d love this track), the memorable “You Don’t Need to Know Me” and closer “Morning Light,” a woozy, swaying track with some stinging guitar leads piercing the haze. With good chops and promising songwriting, Glass Planet shows New Moons is a band to keep an eye on. ("  - Citybeat  M. Breen