New Moons is an indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) that has toured the Midwest since 2015.  Led by the song writing and musicianship of front man Curtis Dressman, the band emerged as a uniquely capable experimental pop rock band.  Including performances at the nationally acclaimed BLINK Festival, Pittsburgh's Deutschtown Music Festival,  Cincinnati's BeWilderFest, IndieCraft Music Festival, Fountain Square Music Series as well as other top regional venues.  With a mix of Modern Alt-Rock and vintage Rock and Roll undertones, the band has been compared to Pavement, Pixies, Ty Segall, Foo Fighters.  The group released an EP, Blood in the Waves in 2018, along with two live performance videos. Their debut album Glass Planet was released in 2015, and also included a cool video of the catchy tune "You Don't Need to Know Me" played frequently on radio worldwide. The 2021 release of The Hole  boasts ambition and progression of the band's earlier work.

"The band itself is rock-solid. Curtis Dressman's guitar work shines ..." - Divide and Conquer

 "A well sculpted, emotive creation of substantial pop rock. The music could easily fit in the post-punk American indie scene of the 1980's and 90's. I hear reflections of Pixies, Husker Du, Weezer, Foo Fighters, even a little bit of Fugazi. These disparate influences come together in a new way, built up on a foundation of shimmering pop distortion and maintained by solid vocal performance. The instruments all do their parts well, the subtlety is present and no one is stepping on one another's toes. I think that this is an excellent album and if you like college or pop rock check it out."  - Issues Magazine

"The intrinsic promise of "You Want it, You Got It" is one few bands can deliver on, but here New Moons gets the formula just right, with top drawer hooks, guitars that chime and crunch in equal measure, and vocal delivery that shows a serious commitment to the notion of front-man charisma. There's no way those vocals are getting buried in the mix". - Soundblab