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New Moons is an indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) that has been touring the Midwest since 2015.   The band is on the verge on releasing their third album The Hole, including already released singles Energy and Wash Me Away The band is led by guitarist, vocalist, and composer Curtis Dressman. With a mix of Modern Alt-Rock and vintage Rock and Roll undertones, the band has been compared to  Pixies, Ty Segall, Dinosaur Jr.  The group released an EP, Blood in the Waves in 2018, along with two live performance videos. Their debut album Glass Planet was released in 2015, and also included an awesome video of the catchy song "You Don't Need to Know Me".   Tours have included top venues and music festivals in Pittsburgh, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Indianapolis & more.

"A well sculpted, emotive creation of substantial pop rock " - Issues Magazine