New Moons is from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) that play psych rock and experimental pop. "They play gritty rock songs with lots of character, a potent guitarist, big chords, and great vocals. They reach for the gutsy of rock, but they have melody like Soundgarden, Thin Lizzy, & Danko Jones". The band released a new EP, Blood in the Waves in 2018, along with two live videos. Their debut album Glass Planet was released in 2015, and also included an awesome video of the catchy song "You Don't Need to Know Me". The group recently wrapped up recording sessions of an eight song record to be released in 2019.  Tours have included top venues and musicfestivals in Pittsburgh, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Indianapolis, & more.

"A well sculpted, emotive creation of substantial pop rock " - Issues Magazine 11/18